Grace For Living - 2021 DAILY DEVOTIONAL

We live in perilous and uncertain times. The environment is hostile and tense; many are struck with fear and panic; many are scared of failure; some are slaves to doing wickedness and so delighted in sinfulness because of the conditions and places they have found themselves. They give excuses for their failures and bad behaviour. Yet, there are some who do so many good deeds and works that they conclude they are just good for heaven! There are those too who desire intimacy with God, but find themselves caught in sinful habits; their prayer lives may have become very weak or lax; their testimonies may have become weak. Some may have lost friendships, divorced, suffered from harsh and destructive criticism, betrayal, or the death of a loved one. It could be a stressed or harried mum or dad that needs to bounce back. These all need the balm of God's comfort. This is the wisdom that underpins Grace for Living, a Devotional put together with you in mind.