Cradle (0 - 1) - Children Sunday's School Manual (Teacher's Copy)

To My Fellow Foundation Layer!
To God alone be all the glory for His mercy and deliverance towards us all in this past year. All thanks and praises to the Lord; the same yesterday, today and forever.

This year by the special grace of God, we shall be considering the theme: “THE ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!” Focusing on the book of Acts. It was prayerfully considered to raise our children to be able to build strong relaonship with the HOLY SPIRIT for their daily Chrisan living. God has a number of messages for us in the book of Acts.

  • ·  Jesus Christ is now the ascended Lord, and only by believing in Him is there salvaon from sins.

  • ·  God expects members of the Church to spread the message of the gospel throughout the world.

  • ·  To accomplish the task, God has sent the Holy Spirit, who gives us the power we need.

  • ·  The most important characterisc of the Church is unity.

  • ·  God is in charge of His Church.

    As usual, efforts have been made to tailor some lessons to correspond with acvies in the general Chrisan Church Calendar, certain biblical doctrines and Chrisan family living. We also undertook to show some cases of some Missionaries who trusted and depended on the ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and dared to carry the gospel to the unreached people groups. The curriculum has been designed to lead the unsaved child to Christ. While the saved child desires to build strong relaonship with the HOLY SPIRIT for daily Chrisan living.

    Please, always remember, “The leer kills but the Spirit gives life.” Therefore, pray and depend solely on the HOLY SPIRIT to impact your life in order to be used of Him to impact this next generaon.

    Appreciang you all for your labour of love. God bless you real good.