Pushing the Limits - Teens Sunday School Manual (Student's Copy)

Congratulations! We made it into the year 2021 having gone through the various challenges of the year 2020. Praise be to our God! Our theme as stated above couldn't have been more relevant than now. Greg Plitt has many quotes on the above theme but suffice it for me to sight a few.

“The road to success is a very lonely road. You're not going to see too many friends. It is only you, with your shadow. Once you get there, many people will love you. Also, many people will hate you because your success is a huge spotlight, shining on their failures.”

“Today, it begins. Tomorrow, it continues. And it never ends, until you reach your goal and cross the finish line.”

“Second by second, you lose the opportunity to become the person you want to be. Take charge of your life.” – Greg Plitt.